The Delaware Diabetes Coalition, Inc. and its partners make no claims regarding the qualification, competence, background or motivation of any individual or agency listed. The information was gathered through comprehensive research. Individuals and agencies were not charged a fee to be included in this directory. We take no responsibility for any omissions, misinformation, or other errors. Provider, support groups, diabetes education programs, and transportation assistance resources are limited to the State of Delaware and subject to change. If you need a resource outside of the state, please ask your primary care provider or contact your local health department.

Diabetes Resources

Resource Guide

A Community of professionals assuring you receive evidence-based standard care.


The DPP clinical research study was aimed at discovery and treatment.


Diabetes care involves a 24-hour a day understanding of what you need to do to keep yourself healthy.


Volunteers who will drive you to doctor visits or education classes.

DE Emergency Services Fund

Get help with medicine, equipment, or further information.

Health Care Systems

Services for people with, or are not sure if they have, diabetes.

Medicare / Medicaid

Insurance programs that covers specified medical expenses.

Federal Qualified Health Centers

Enhanced reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid.

Additional Resources

Every Public Library in the state of Delaware has a diabetes “information section”. There is information on diabetes in general, cookbooks, and other resources which are available to check out using your library card. The libraries also have computers you can use to go to the internet and find even more information on diabetes. If you have never used the computer before, the library personnel will be happy to help you. Take this Resource Guide with you and show them the websites you would like to view.

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