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At times, we can all use some help in our lives. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask if you need help for medicine, equipment or further information on a topic. The Delaware Emergency Medical Diabetes Fund provides diabetes services, medications, and supplies to residents of Delaware on an emergency need basis.  It provides a maximum payment of $500 per client, per 12 consecutive months, for items directly related to diabetes that will eliminate or alleviate the medical condition. The fund provides payment for items directly related to diabetes that will eliminate or alleviate the emergency condition.


  • Individual has diabetes or prediabetes
  • Medical need is present that could result in serious impairment of health, prolonged hospitalization, complications or death.
  • Other resources have been exhausted.
  • Individual is without resources, immediately accessible, to meet their health needs.
  • Individual has gestational diabetes.
  • Individual must not have other insurance that will provide for diabetes services, medications and – or supplies requested.
  • Assistance is necessary to eliminate or alleviate a medically related emergency due to their diabetes.
  • The emergency must have resulted from their diabetes that is beyond the recipient’s control

Emergency Medical Gestational Diabetes Fund provides an additional $100 per month during the term of their pregnancy. These funds are to be utilized for the client to help provide and/or augment their current funds for self-management purposes of their diabetes during pregnancy and secure resources to access medications, services, and supplies or any combination of the three.

NOTE: Individuals must be evaluated on a case-by- case basis, using the established Delaware State Service Center financial screening guidelines and other criteria.


  • The maximum total benefit is $500.00 per client, per year.
  • Additional $100.00 per client, per month, during pregnancy.
  • Eligible clients may receive up to the maximum total benefit within a period of 12 consecutive months, in accordance with established Medical Fund Guidelines.

The allowance may be used for:

  • Diabetes Medications
  • Diabetes Services, or
  • Diabetes Supplies

NOTE: The allowance may be used exclusively for any one of the three above, or in any combination.

More Information

Learn more about eligibility and referral by downloading this flyer for providers and patients.  This program is administered by the Delaware Division of State Service Centers.  Referrals can be made by calling the Delaware Diabetes & Heart Disease Prevention and Control Program at 302-744-1020.


The person with diabetes must show that an emergency exists, ie: supplies needed not covered by their insurance, job loss, short on funds, etc. They must have a written cost of what is needed. They may benefit from a written request for any items related to their diabetes care ie; eyeglasses, medicine.

Individuals in need must go to a State Service Center and ask specifically for Emergency Services. A case worker will speak with them to determine if they should be evaluated immediately or need to schedule an appointment. If approved, the order will be processed and paid through Emergency Services. A maximum of $500.00 is available per person within an allotted 12 month period.


Those who are not eligible for the program are those who do not have diabetes, cannot prove that a diabetes related medical emergency exists, have other health insurance, or have full Medical Assistance benefits that provide coverage for the services, medications or supplies requested.

NOTE: Payments are made directly to vendors. NO direct payments to clients are permitted. Clients MUST provide written, itemized documentation of the costs associated with the services, medications or supplies for which financial assistance is being requested. Funds are administered by Emergency Services at your local Delaware State Service Center.

Financial assistance is limited to diabetes or conditions directly related to the person’s diabetes. No funding will be allocated for non-diabetes related services, medications or supplies. For information call: DHSS, Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, 302.744.1020 or 800.464.4357

Diabetes Resources

Resource Guide

A Community of professionals assuring you receive evidence-based standard care.


The DPP clinical research study was aimed at discovery and treatment.


Diabetes care involves a 24-hour a day understanding of what you need to do to keep yourself healthy.


Volunteers who will drive you to doctor visits or education classes.

DE Emergency Services Fund

Get help with medicine, equipment, or further information.

Health Care Systems

Services for people with, or are not sure if they have, diabetes.

Medicare / Medicaid

Insurance programs that covers specified medical expenses.

Federal Qualified Health Centers

Enhanced reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid.

Additional Resources

Every Public Library in the state of Delaware has a diabetes “information section”. There is information on diabetes in general, cookbooks, and other resources which are available to check out using your library card. The libraries also have computers you can use to go to the internet and find even more information on diabetes. If you have never used the computer before, the library personnel will be happy to help you. Take this Resource Guide with you and show them the websites you would like to view.

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