It is with great pleasure that we present to you this report as required by House Bill #203. This document provides you with an outline of a comprehensive approach that the Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance, Division of Public Health, and the Statewide Benefits Office within the Department of Human Resources are implementing in order to address the burden of diabetes in Delaware.

The report – The Impact of Diabetes, 2019, provides you with data indicating the prevalence of diabetes in the state, in addition to highlighting activities being implemented in an effort to reduce the burden of diabetes throughout Delaware. Included are innovative methods that our agencies have designed to improve patient/consumer outcomes through practice transformation via the use of Health Information Technology such as Electronic Medical Records, and discussions regarding how data are being collected and used to collaborate with other partners to strategically improve outcomes.

This report provides details of the financial implications of the diabetes burden in Delaware and identifies associated risk factors that contribute toward a reduced quality of life among constituents that live with, or provide care for those, with this disease. Both prevention and treatment have elevated roles in securing successful results in reducing the burden of diabetes statewide. The integration of our three agencies’ strategies, plans, and recommendations help define the state’s efforts in securing a healthier future for all Delawareans. As you immerse yourself in this report, you will see the immense and diverse approaches that reflect achievements through dedicated work that is assuring access to healthcare, innovative outreach for treatment, and promoting healthy lifestyles. This report should serve as the foundation for better health outcomes and a much improved future for those living with, or at-risk for developing, diabetes.

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